ACEMAP as replacement for Semap

02 August 2012

Due to problems in production, the licensed antipsychotic Semap® Penfluridol 20 mg tablets, is temporarily not available. To fill this gap, ACE Pharmaceuticals has made ACEMAP® Penfluridol 20 mg tablets available since 2nd August 2012.

ACEMAP and Semap have equivalent dissolution profiles. Patient who were treated with Semap can be transferred to ACEMAP without compliance problems.

Is ACEMAP licensed?

No, ACEMAP is a non-licensed medicine. In the Netherlands, ACE Pharmaceuticals has received permission from the Dutch Healthcare Inspectorate to supply ACEMAP to pharmacies while the licensed alternative is not available. A medical statement from the prescribing physician has to be present.

How can ACEMAP be ordered?

ACEMAP can only be supplied to official pharmacies. More information can be found on the productpage of ACEMAP.

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