ALBINO-project selected for Horizon 2020

03 September 2015

13 Academic Centres, 80 hospitals in 7 European countries work together with ACE Pharmaceuticals on the ALBINO-project: an example of cooperation between academia and industry. Illustrative is the collaboration between ACE Pharmaceuticals and Professor Axel Franz (paediatrician, neonatologist) of the University of Tübingen, Germany.

With the ambitious investment and grant program (82 billion Euro) Horizon 2020, the European Commission wants to stimulate innovation and development. Especially through collaboration between industry and academia. It is seen as the best way to increase Europe’s competitiveness.

The University of Tübingen and thirteen other academic centres in the EU, one of them being the University Medical Centre of Utrecht (Professor Manon Benders), cooperate in researching the product Allokid® of ACE Pharmaceuticals. In this ALBINO-project, newborns with oxygen deficiency (5 in 1,000) are treated with two injections of Allokid directly after birth in addition to the current standard “cold treatment”. The aim of the study is to determine whether brain damage can be prevented or limited in this way.

The research project takes place in 80 hospitals, 13 academic centres and 65 community hospitals; giving access to the largest research facilities in Europe. This enables ACE Pharmaceuticals to work on the marketing authorisation application for Allokid.

Having all needed licenses, ACE Pharmaceuticals manufacturers and packages the medication for clinical research. Distribution and controlled transport to all participating hospitals is also arranged by ACE Pharmaceuticals.