Clinical Trial Medication

Ace Pharmaceuticals acts as CMO. Ace Pharmaceuticals both produces and distributes (clinical trial) medication.

Production of clinical trial medication

The production of clinical trial medication follows the same steps as the regular production of medicines; from the design and development of a dosage form to the development of patient packs. Depending on the type of clinical study, placebos can be developed as well.

Ace Pharmaceuticals is also experienced as supplier of code envelopes; we can provide services as randomization.

Patient packs are designed with both the study ánd the patient in mind. All required labels are internally designed and professionally printed. If needed, all printed material can be created in multiple languages.

Distribution of clinical trial medication

In some cases the clinical trial medication has to be distributed to research locations (hospitals, researchers) all over the world. Ace Pharmaceuticals organises the distribution in cooperation with selected transporters; under strictly controlled conditions.

Quality Assurance

Permanent training of operators and maintaining our quality assurance system has led to a secure level of quality. The Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (Ministerie van VWS) has granted us Manufacturer’s License 109098 F. Ace Pharmaceutials also has GMP-certificates for the proper implementation and maintenance of EU Good Manufacturing Practices and ICH-guidelines for clinical research.

All materials of clinical trials are stored under GMP-conditions, with controlled temperature and humidity.