Complamin® Retard 500 mg available in new packaging

20 May 2014

The packaging of Complamin® Retard 500 mg has been renewed; tablets are now supplied in a container instead of blister strips. Furthermore, the (controlled release) tablets are now film coated instead of dragees (sugar coating).

On 31st December 2013 ACE Pharmaceuticals has received permission from the Dutch Healthcare Inspectorate to supply Complamin Retard 500 mg as non-licensed medicine.

Complamin Retard is used for the treatment of symptoms resulting from poor blood circulation, particularly in the upper body, like Raynaud’s Syndrome (vaso-spastic syndrome). Complamin Retard is also prescribed for hypercholesterolemia.

In the Netherlands, supply of Complamin Retard is subject to the following conditions:

  1. The patient is treated with Complamin Retard 500 mg before 1st January 2014;
  2. The prescribing physician signs a medical statement in which he/she motivates why the patient cannot change to an alternative licensed medicine.

This way, patients who cannot change to a licensed alternative still have access to adequate pharmaceutical care.