Ace Pharmaceuticals is part of the Ace-group. All production activities are performed by Ace Pharmaceuticals under its manufacturer’s license and with full respect for GMP. Ace also arranges the distribution of her own specific medicines (in Europe). We supply our unlicensed medicines through Ace Apotheek (Pharmacy) in the Netherlands.

Activities performed by Ace Pharmaceuticals

Ace delivers custom pharmaceutical solutions for specific patient needs thus ensuring an efficient supply of medicines. We do this mainly by licensing our medicines. To ensure availability of our medicines for the patient we also provide our unlicensed medicines under national named patient programmes or as pharmaceutical compounding products.

Ace also produces and distributes clinical trial medication for studies.

Ace independently develops, manufactures, submits dossiers for registration and markets her branded products. Most activities are performed on our own premises.

In the Netherlands, our licensed medicines are distributed by the pharmaceuticals wholesalers to pharmacies.

We supply a limited number of products from our portfolio outside the Netherlands.

Focus on medical need products

Ace is committed to making and keeping medical need products available and accessible. Sometimes, these medicines are indispensable for small patient groups or specific indications.

With our typical inventiveness we can also give existing medicines a second chance, sometimes with a new indication. “Orphaned” medicines can remain available for the patient this way as well.

For three products, Ace Pharmaceuticals has received an Orphan Drug Designation (ODD) from the European Medicines Authority (EMA). Orphan drugs are medicines for the treatment of life-threatening or chronically debilitating conditions that affect no more than 5 in 10.000 people in the European Union (EU).