Acelyn® 0.05 mg

  • Product

    Acelyn 0.05 mg, tablets

  • Authorisation

    NL-RVG 00022

  • Active ingredient

    Ethinylestradiol 0.05 mg

  • Indication

    Constitutional tall stature

  • Storage condition

    Between 15 – 25 °C

Acelyn 0.05 mg (previously known as Lynoral®) is used to inhibit long length growth of girls with expected constitutional tall stature.

The administration of ethinylestradiol, the active ingredient of Acelyn, induces early closure of the epiphyseal plate which leads to growth inhibition. The growth-inhibitory effect occurs rapidly.

Acelyn tablets have a breakline, making a dose of 25 micrograms possible.

Legal status

Acelyn 0.05 mg is a licensed medicine in the Netherlands.

When this medicine is supplied outside the Netherlands, it is considered to be an unlicensed medicine in the country of the recipient.

Availability for Pharmacies

In the Netherlands, Acelyn 0.05 mg is distributed to pharmacies by the pharmaceutical wholesalers.

Pharmacies outside the Netherlands that would like to know more about the availability of this product are welcome to contact us via our contact form.