ACEMAP® 20 mg

  • Product

    ACEMAP, penfluridol 20 mg, tablets with breakline

  • Authorisation

    Unlicensed medicine

  • Active ingredient

    Penfluridol 20 mg

  • Indication

    Chronic or recurrent psychoses, including schizophrenia

  • Storage condition

    Between 15 – 30 °C

ACEMAP is prescribed for the treatment of chronic or recurrent psychoses including the treatment of schizophrenia.

ACEMAP is a 20 mg penfluridol tablet with high resemblance to Semap tablets. The amount of active ingredient and excipients of the tablets are comparable to those of Semap.

Legal status

ACEMAP is an unlicensed medicine in the Netherlands. As the licensed alternative (Semap®, NL-RVG 06603) is temporarily not available, the Dutch Health Care Inspectorate (IGZ) has given permission for temporary supply of the ACEMAP by the GMP-certified manufacturer ACE Pharmaceuticals BV (109098F).

ACEMAP is supplied “from-pharmacy-to-pharmacy” on named patient basis. ACEMAP cannot be supplied directly to a patient.

Availability for (Hospital) Pharmacies

In the Netherlands, ACEMAP is supplied by ACE Apotheek. More information for (hospital) pharmacies in the Netherlands can be found on the website of ACE Apotheek.

ACE cooperates with importers/wholesalers in the United Kingdom, France and Denmark to make ACEMAP available in their respective countries.

  • In the United Kingdom, (hospital) pharmacies  should contact pharmaceutical wholesaler Mawdsleys
  • In France, hospital pharmacies can contact Laboratoire Intsel Chimos
  • In Denmark, (hospital) pharmacies should contact Specific Pharma a/s

(Hospital) Pharmacies from other countries can place an order for ACEMAP via our order form. Accompany your order form with an import license for unlicensed medicines, the prescription and a physician’s statement. Your duly signed and completed orderform will be verified by our pharmacist before the order can be processed. Verification includes the check on import license, prescription and medical statement.