A-PQ 30®, primaquine 30 mg

  • Product

    A-PQ 30, primaquine 30 mg, tablets with cross breakline

  • Authorisation

    Unlicensed medicine

  • Active ingredient

    Primaquine 30 mg (as primaquine diphosphate)

  • Indication

    Malaria tertiana due to P. vivax or P. ovale infections; Moderate to severe Pneumocystis jiroveci– infections in combination with clindamycine

  • Storage condition

    Below 25 °C

A-PQ 30 contains the active substance primaquine, which is an 8-aminoquinoline derivative that suppresses the malaria parasites in the liver stage. It is used for treatment of relapses (radical cure) of malaria tertiana as a result of infections with Plasmodium vivax or Plasmodium ovale.

A-PQ 30 is also prescribed for the treatment of opportunistic Pneumocystis jiroveci-infections.

As the tablet can be divided in four, each multiple of 7.5 mg can be administered.

Legal status

A-PQ 30 is an unlicensed medicine in the Netherlands. The Dutch Health Care Inspectorate (IGJ) has given permission for the supply.

A-PQ 30 is supplied on named patient basis. An order signed by the pharmacist and a physician’s statement from the prescribing physician are required with every order.

Availability for Pharmacies

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Distribution activities

Since August 2018 the distribution activities of ARTECEF BV have been transferred to sister company Ace Pharmaceuticals BV.