Emesafene® suppository

  • Product

    Emesafene suppositories

  • Authorisation

    NL-RVG 03161

  • Active ingredient

    Meclozine diHCl 12.5 mg and Pyridoxine HCl 25 mg

  • Indication

    Nausea and vomiting (of pregnancy)

  • Storage condition

    Between 15 – 25 °C

Emesafene is used to treat nausea and vomiting as a result of surgery, radiotherapy or cytostatic therapy. It is the product of choice in vomiting of pregnancy.

Meclozine is an antihistaminic. Meclozine effectively blocks (parasympathetic) stimulation of the emetic center in the brain.

Emesafene is available as suppository and tablet. If it is not possible to administer tablets, suppositories can be used.

Legal status

Emesafene is a licensed medicine in the Netherlands.

When this medicine is supplied outside the Netherlands, it is considered to be an unlicensed medicine in the country of the recipient.

Availability for Pharmacies

In the Netherlands, Emesafene is distributed to pharmacies by the pharmaceutical wholesalers.

Pharmacies that would like to know more about the availability of this product outside the Netherlands are welcome to contact us via our contact form.