XCYST® ACE winner Humanimal-One Health Innovation Challenge in Flevoland, the Netherlands

16 January 2015

On 15th January 2015 ACE won the prize for best developed idea in Flevoland, the Netherlands: XCYST. The prize is part of the Humanimal-One Health Innovation Challenge. The jury was impressed by the entrepreneurship and innovative strength of ACE Pharmaceuticals.

XCYST is a bactericidal medicine for women with recurrent urinary tract infections. There is no risk of resistance developing.

ACE also submitted veterinary medicine VETCYST, for cystitis in cats, in the category ‘best new idea’. VETCYST has won the second prize in this category. “XCYST and VETCYST innovatively connect human and veterinary medicine. This will improve public health.”, said the jury.

The prize money will be used by ACE to set up a good clinical protocol and further develop these medicines.