New board of directors

08 december 2017

Since October 10, 2017 all shares of ACE Pharmaceuticals BV and sister companies Orphan Drugs NL BV and ARTECEF BV have been sold to our successors: Jan Willem Popma and Jan Verwaal.

After 27 years the time had come to sell the company, partly due to our age. We both will participate in the new legal entity and we will lead the several ongoing (CTM-)projects.

Our main consideration during the M&A process has been to ensure the character of the company and to guarantee the continuity of the companies. Both Mr Popma and Mr Verwaal have a long experience in the pharmaceutical world and ACE will be their new challenge!
From October 10 on, they form the new board of directors.

Cees van Veldhuizen:
After extensive search for good successors, we are glad to have found two very involved persons with an eye for the company’s character and a specific interest in the future of company.
I am proud that Bas and I have brought ACE to this level, and it is our pleasure and honor to have such successors.

Bas Laméris:
Although I still feel young and strong, the time had come to sell. With this change I think that new opportunities for ACE will come.

In full confidence we have transferred all our responsibilities to Jan Willem Popma and Jan Verwaal.

Cees van Veldhuizen
Bas Laméris